Simple Storage Ideas

A family home can be full to the brim of…well….stuff

Clothing, toys, gadgets, kitchen goods, Towels, linen….the list is endless. Where does all the stuff live?

In this day and age we are all guilty of spontaneous purchasing and wanting “one of those” but where will it live?

There are some fantastic ideas on the market to create harmony in your home using clever storage. Whether you want to display your set of antique crystal cut glasses, or hide the reams and reams of duvet covers, here at Furniture 4 U we’ve put together some clever ideas for storage.


The first and most simple of storage systems. Shelving is pretty easy to make- think Palette wood, or to purchase- Ikea!

Shelving can be open, or closed. You can put items in boxes or put doors onto the shelving.

Shelving for books

Shelving for books



Stacked on top of one another, boxes can look really cool, whether they are modern or antique. We love the old travel chests, with all the stuff you don’t really use regularly hidden inside- *TIP* Use an old travel chest as a coffee table in a living room- Fab!



Ottoman Beds

These little beauties are great in any bedroom, whether it s a teens room or the spare guest room. The beds pull up to reveal a storage section underneath. All towels, Duvets, Covers, Pillows – anything you like can be stored underneath, keeping bedroom mess to a minimum.

Walkworth Ottoman Bed, Open,  brown madras

Ottoman beds come in all sizes from a 3ft single,  right up to a 6ft super king size.

Storage is great for people who enjoy clean simple lines and can really make a crowded house a home.